After the weird friends incident I was scared playing roblox. But 2 months later,I wanted to play it again and weird things happened. Here is what happened: I was scared and wanted to talk to aiden again and thank god he was normal again. I said:

Me:Hi Aiden.

aiden2215:Dude I am so scared.

Me:I know you were out of control.

aiden2215:No I didn't write those comments...

Me:So it was a hacker?

aiden2215:Maybe... I was just sitting on my chair watching those scary comments...

Me:Wanna investigate?

aiden2215:You investigate I am scared his name is livE.

Me:Ok bye.

Chat Ended

So I looked at his profile and I got a 404 error,I thought he was banned but something happened I refreshed the page and builderman started smiling with a knife in his hand just like the livE smiled his eyes were red and his head got darker I refershed more knife was bloody he was crying blood and there was a human organ in his mouth... It gave me chills down my spine I was scared to death, then somehow it opened a game... After that I was in shock because I saw builderman and it was the same builderman in the 404 error, and he was named Killerman. He had a knife in his hand after I saw him I started to run but he still chased I finally climbed up a building. He said:ARGH! GET OVER HERE! But it was not a text it was a voice, a demonic voice. It sounded like it came inside my house the voice was so clear like it came from a mic that is made on 2025 or something I was scared. But this was getting boring and there was nothing I could do but get killed by him so I did. I jumped when he touched me he killed me instantly then I was teleported to a place with the word on the walls Killerman then, my charachter had an animation looking up and screaming it was Killerman he jumped on my charachter with his knife then it said; goodnight. I was scared I heared breathing behind me when I looked behind me I saw him... Killerman(in real life) and then BAM! He punched me in the face I woke up on my bed. Then saw cuts on my body I told my parents about it my mom believed me but my dad was not sure. I got back to my room and saw my computer was still on I stoped breathing when I saw that text... It said:You're lucky but next time you are not gonna be alive. With a picture of one of his victim: