This is not a real creepypasta at all! On to the creepypasta!

I remember watching an advertisement for ROBLOX back in 2012. I signed up as CoolestGuy9123. When I searched up "Fun Games", I found a game that would be fun called: "Fun Game". I clicked it and played it. Then, someone joined by the name of: 殺手遊客. I translated this on Google Translate and it translated to: Killer Guest. I became so scared that I tried exiting the game. It exited but everything is written in russian. I tried closing the ROBLOX tab, nothing. Tried closing all windows, nothing. So I tried the Task Manager and closed the browser I used. Then a red bloody text appeared saying: 你怎麼敢退出了比賽。下一次,你就死定了。Which translates to: How dare you exit the game. Next time, you're dead. Then I turned off the computer and everything was back to normal. What a scary experience.