There is a user on Roblox by the name of JustSmile_6. Normal username right? his about section say's this "Just Smile. The 6 is a secret. Some people should know what it means. No not The Devil"

Notice anything weird. No well, I find this weird. He's talking about the number 6. He say's it's a secret, and some people know what it means. and no not the devil. This is just a backup to the story. This story is real.

On the date of 2-11-17. I found him, Just looked normal. The regular skin of 2007. He was on D3F4LT's game. Pokemon' Black, He said cryptic things like h3y yes this is the least cryptic thing he said. Then he spoke normally. He said, all secrets revealed :). I spoke to him. "Why are you speaking weirdly." He came to say again "Do you know Lezus?" I said back to him "No". He left. I wish I would of known earlier.

Shrugging it off. "Thinking wow noob" I never have thought about this. I went to Murder Mystery 2. But the lobby said [Content Deleted 45092] that was weird. It led to a place full of white. Nothing but white. I stared kinda shocked. Firstly it took literally milliseconds, secondly it was content deleted. How did I get in. I waited seconds til it turned black and said Apocalypse Rising. Weird, I've even played AR and it didn't look like this. The title was at the bottom and it was just completely black.

There he was again, Except here was a person called loadk666. I joined in. I was spawned next to them. They turned to me slowly, Loadk666 said "He's told me of you" I saw someone else right after he said that all he said was "run". He obviously was in a rush typing it. He didn't put a Capital or !. And me being me I ran. they seemed to stay there. Until I saw them run toward me. No wait. Th-they weren't. Um I mean they. I uhhhh wait. The-they're here. no no no no no. I gotta get out of here. I thought they'd leave me alone.

Okay, uh I made it to my house. They just. Found my account and followed me into a game. I can't write the rest of this they're after me. Just one thing don't remember this date they're tricking you.

Goodbye, i'm sorry if you get this horrible curse.

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