I am CaptainPirateZombie (My username in Roblox). I loved to play medival games, such as Field of Battle. I played once and had fun..... Until, weird stuff happened

(Chapter 1: The Beginning)

There was a player called CreepyDarkSecrets... He said: "You will pay for it!". Some of the player was confused. But i said: "We did nothing to you". Most people said that

(Chapter 2: Revenge)

I went to school to ask my friend if he knows anything about CreepyDarkSecrets. He said that he doesnt know who he is or what he is.. After i lefted the school. My Laptop was saying something. I seen a text saying "JUST TURN AROUND" I turned around and I saw A plush of CreepyDarkSecrets.

(Final Chapter: SEE YOU NEVER)

My friend and i chatted on Roblox. He said that he played Roblox and he saw CreppyDarkSecrets. And CreepyDarkSecrets was Shedletsky. When i joined Field of Battle. Everything was red and there was pools of blood. There was my friend's robloxian in a pool of blood. There was a letter saying. "YOU MADE ME DO THIS

Please comment and give a score! This is my first creppypasta i ever made

(Edited by koopa258 to fix bad grammar)(Edited by Glitchy Mario)

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