So, it was a normal day in Roblox just me and my friend ButlerBert. So we got in an argument and i unfriended him, shortly after i joined RoCitizens, only to find that the place had been hacked by a user named Iquitiquitiquit_999 i checked his profile to report him but i noticed he had no badges and he was all dark but what really caught my eye was that his status said: I know what your trying to do zeldasuprize(My user). and i was like what?! Then,my computer crashed and when i logged back on and played Roblox i noticed he partied me and then took me to this place called YOU WILL NEVER LEAVE. i pressed Esc annoyed and pressed leave game and it wouldn't work so i tried the X button Nothing.. i tried Alt+f4 Nothing. so, The user walked up to me and used this hacked sword on me spawn-killing me i was then kicked from the game and received a message from Butlerbert *I'm so sorry about earlier i have been seeing this guy too* So i refriended him and Iquitiquitiquit_999 was gone. Link to his profile: Hey guys i hope you enjoyed this story (Sorry if it was short but i hope you enjoyed)

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