I joined in 2014 under the name "jerky290." One day I was browsing people's profiles and found iodada. His place is creepy. The title is "PLACE666" and it contains a black baseplate. On the baseplate, I found hammers and a dead noob with a hammer in his face. I felt the presence of... him. Iodada. I saw... him. He was there. He ran at me with a hammer, but I quickly quit. I joined Innovation Labs instead. I went into the security room, and there... I saw him. I quickly ran out with my speed coil to discover that everybody on the server was dead. I then joined Mad Games, but my radio played a strange noise. It was a robotic voice saying "LEAVE." Then he killed everybody. I went to my own place and confronted him, where I kicked him into the sea. He didn't bother me again, but he haunted other users.

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