It's just like a regular day. Everyday I would log in to ROBLOX and play some of the games the developers made..

One day I decided to go onto the forum to look if there was any cool games to play because all the games that I play were getting a little boring so I decided to look for a good game anyone has to offer.

However, there was this thread that caught my eye. There was this user saying "Guys, I've found a strange way to get onto ROBLOX's Inventory!" and the instructions were below. I decided to try it out and it worked. I chose to look at it later in the day and went back into the Forums. However, I saw this Forum post on the same thread saying "If you're doing this, look at the models that ROBLOX has made! They're interesting!". Then I saw this other user post "Don't go into ROBLOX's Inventory. me". I didn't know who to go with.

At 8:36 PM at my time, I just realized that I was going to look at ROBLOX's Inventory and I decided go have a look at it. Then I remembered about those 2 users on that thread. I thought to myself "Hmm....who should I go with?". I actually decided to go into the Models tab but nothing was in there so I left the Inventory and went to go look for some games to play.

However, about a minute later, I decided to play a different game than ROBLOX since I was getting bored of it so I decided to go play another game on my Desktop. However, there was this icon saying "yrotnevnI". It took me about 23 seconds to figure out what it was. It was "Inventory" spelt backwards. That was weird that Icon wasn't there before. I decided to click on it but there was nothing. A minute later, my computer crashed then restarted. But when I logged in it crashed again and did the same thing.

I logged back in and my Desktop's background was a ROBLOX Noob with the text "I'm dead." I was totally freaked out after experiencing this kind of thing. However I decided to Shut Down and turn it back on. The background and icon was gone.

All that it left behind was a file called "Inventory.exe" I will never know what will happen next.

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