[Note! This is based on a series on Youtube! Bonus Points for those who get this!]

[NOTE: There will be some bad words but rarely some times.]

Hello there. My name is TheXario. You know those virtual reality games where you feel like you're actually IN the game? Well, I had an experience like that. LIKE being the keyword. It all started during not a long time ago.

Chapter 1

Today, I decided to stay home from school despite me having perfect attendance and straight 'A' grades, to play some ROBLOX. My parents are usually gone all day for work, so they won't realize I didn't attend because I can fake their voice to the main office or something.

I walk over to my desk and turn on my computer. Although my computer is old, it actually runs pretty fast, due to some modifying and tweaking I did with the system. Costed me my allowance to fix it up. After it logs in, I check out the catalog to see if any new gifts are coming up. There's the achievement badge gifts, but I already qualified to get both of them already. The speedrun one took me forever. If only I knew that new servers start out with the course.

I recieve a chat message from Noobly1990, one of my best friends I know Real Life.]

Noobly1990: Hey dude!

TheXario: Hey.

Noobly1990: Do you actually want to play something with me?

Every time Noobly1990 invites me to play a game on ROBLOX, I accept, but I never join the game, because of my particular 'laziness' if you may call it.

TheXario: Ha. Ha. Sure. What game.

Noobly1990: Natural Disaster Survival.

A minute later, Noobly1990 and I arrived at Natural Disaster Survival. The server was surprisingly packed, as the game used to be all hyped, and now it's usually like those discount games you find at a flea market or something. It's something you would pick up and play when you're bored.

Noobly1990: You actually came. He said to me as I spawned in.

TheXario: Yes, what a shocker. I sarcastically reply.

Noobly1990: Well, the round is starting.

As the round begins to start, this one user comes up to me. He has a name that says, MISTERMISSING. He's not wearing any clothes, and his body parts are all in different colors.


TheXario: Uh, hi. I reply.

MISTERMISSING: Hey. Do you want to be friends?

It's been a whole 5 seconds, and this guy wants to be my friend. I usually don't accept friend requests, but for the sake of this guy, I can take him under my wing.

TheXario: Sure.

MISTERMISSING: Thank you! No one wanted to be my friend and kept avoiding me.

Noobly1990: That's kinda sad.

For the past hour, us 3 play Natural Disaster surviving and help each other survive. We're actually a pretty good team.