FANDOM Lol loser get a life instead of "ruining" what other people do, I'll help you get started, Don't vandalize wikias beacuse it can easily be reverted back

Of The Stroy in roblox on the HELP WANTED On The Robloxia I Preamblean The Worse Gamer Ever On Roblox. On The Year 2014 I Sleep For 3 Days Im Sick On The Phone Tell People To Need Me To To The Called On The Phone. On The Channel Of The Year On Dogs Days On The Book Wimpy Kid On THe Joe Says Was Insanitly.exe Is Playing With All Players.

I Searched On ROBLOX Insantiy.exe Is With All Players and i found a roblox game by novaware. it was called Insanity.exe. Sonic Has No Eyes Hes Crying On The Tears On The Eyes, And Tails Is 6666 CrapAss Like The Tails Doll. On The Whose I Say On Sonic On The Final Hope I Leave The Game then i saw Novaware On Her Said A New Toys Like A Little Bartz To Play With. i Said im Not A Doll,Nosana50 Is A Computer And My Moms Mac. I Went To Roblox Now In 1200 PM That The Game Is Gone. Novaware Sent Me A Message. It Says Sunshines Long Danger Then Her Sent Me Me A Another Message Its Says Sonic.then i go to toilet and pooped.

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