Infinity. Just think about it. Never ending. Seems hard to fathom. What I'm about to tell you is my encounter with Infinity. It all started on ROBLOX. I had been playing for a while, when I decided to play one last game. I tried opening up Disaster Survival, but then I was transported somewhere else. The name of it was "Infinity." I tried to click out, but then I joined the game. There was another player, named InfinityFathom. He said "How cute. You want to leave, don't you? Don't we all? One day we will all. There is no infinity. You can't fathom it." I was then in a hallway. By the hallway, was an image of a man at a table. I began to walk. I noticed slowly, the man at the table became older. I kept walking. I then noticed he was growing a beard, and was very dirty. I walked. I noticed that I was walking faster. And faster. And faster. That's when it happened. The man slowly slumped over. I kept going faster, until I couldn't see the picture. At the end, all there was was dust from where the man was. That's when the text appeared. It haunts me to this day. I have no idea what it said, but when it appeared it haunted me. The words were: "Ju nuk mund ta kuptoj atë. Dorezohu. Keel mbi dhe vdesin. Ti e di se ne të gjithë bëjmë. Nuk ka Infinity." A chill went over my spine. InfinityFathom then said "You may be free. You know the truth of infinity." I left. I still have no idea about what that text was. However, now whenever I see infinity, I become... afraid. This is all for my story.


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