You can decide if its true or fake It all began on 2012 on a weekend when I was playing a game called,"East Theme Park"..There were 3 people in the server including me..I saw a player teasing the other player,he said,"You will get no friends and you never will!"..I said "Hi" to the players but the player being teased left the game..The player said back to me,"You don't want to be his friend,trust me.."..I replied back,"Why?"..He replied back,"Just don't talk to him or follow him..",Then the player left..While I was playing the game I was thinking about the guy who was being teased..Later I now felt bad for the player who's been teased so I followed him on his game,he was on this game called,"I Have Alot Of Friends"..I followed him on his game to cheer him up,but that was the worst mistake i've chosen..When the place loaded he was at a far distance from where I spawned..He said,"Do you want to be my friend?",I replied with a yes..He telported me inside a creepy house,it looked so real,the front door was blocked by an anchored crate,and their was blood and bodies everywhere..I tried to leave the game because I was creeped out but it won't let me leave I tried everything to make it quit the game,it even won't work with the task manager..The player said something creepy to me,"Leaving so soon?",I replied with,"How did you know I was trying to leave?",He didn't reply back..I saw a sign that says,"Press to leave game"..Someone crept behind me saying,"You don't wanna press that button.." My heart was beating so fast...I turned behind me I saw player named (I don't remember the name but it does say) "Cole"..It was the player that was teased..He was holding a knife with blood on it,He pointed the knife to the screen,I thought,"Is he maybe gonna put that knife through the screen and stab me?"..I had no time,I was scared and frozen but I clicked the button quickly,and there it was,a collage of people who suicide,I was shocked,then my monitor shut down by itself,I turned it back on..I got a message from the player who teased Cole,"You followed him,didn't you?"..I replied with anger,"Yes,What the hell is going on! Why did my computer shut down and showed me pictures of dead people! ANSWER ME!"..He replied back,"You have made a big mistake",he replied back,"I was a victim of him who managed to survive,he appeared in every one of my dreams,how I managed to survive was getting him to be my friend and never use that account again,now I made a new account and I angered at him to not join his place again.."..After reading that message I quickly gave Cole a friend request..3 minutes later I received a message from Cole,"You have to send it in game".He denied my friend request..I was scared to go to Cole's place again,I decided to take a nap,but I forgot the risk of sleeping..In my dream,I was sitting in a chair,tied up,with one light source on top of me..I heard someone laugh and footsteps coming to me..I heard someone running to me,the laughing was getting louder and high pitched,I was struggle in fear,someone came up to me..Then a picture popped out when I saw his face,that horrible picture,it was a woman being hung and a smile ripped out of her face,bleeding..I woke up with a fright..I remembered now.I went on roblox again.I tried to be brave and joined Cole's place again...I saw him on the leader board and friend request 5-8 seconds he accepted my friend request..I was waiting something to happen..But an image quickly appeared on my screen..I was shocked,a bloody hand print appeared on my screen..My game crashed and I logout..I made a new one,nothing happened to me since then..Later I reported the game and person to roblox..After 5-10 minutes of reporting,I checked out the account of Cole..When it loaded,the whole entire page was bloody red...

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