I was messing around with Tor one day, while I was foruming on OT, when I decided to go remove the 8 in OT's forum ID, and while I expected an error page, I was greeted with a unnamed subforum, with threads such as "I killed my wife today" and "I just melted my kid".

One of the threads, posted by a user named western7777 (a termed user) contained links to various .onion domains, each more disturbing than the last. One of them was a site with infinite 6s, the others... It's a big noodle incident. The "I just melted my kid" thread contained a link to very... graphic images of melted 5 year olds. I contacted the mods, yet nothing happened. I called the forces of OT to claim the forum, yet some users, such as albascot1234, were lost, and as he lived in North Dakota, North Dakota state police reported a teenager killing himself, with a creepy smile etched on his face. We then found that a satanic cult was making threads on this subforum. We then called the mods again, and the subforum, along with 81% of its users (with the other 19% being OTers, RTers, ATRers and C7Gers) , was deleted.

Use Tor on Roblox with care.