(Disclaimer: THIS IS A TRUE STORY.)

2010. Great year of roblox.

Not too much OD'ers. It was fine.

I went on to ROBLOX one evening. Many games I saw was such as Echo, Bomb Survival, Survive Zombies at McDonalds, or something like that, and many more. Scrolling around the page trying to find a decent game. I was going to exit out of the page although, I found a game of the corner of my eye. It was called 'Hotel Elephant'. I decided to try it out. I was having fun with people, and I made new friends. Most of my friends left, while I kept on playing. Everyone left, so I was bored. I was going to leave, but this girl joined, so I kept on playing. What was strange was that she never moved; NOT EVEN A CENTIMETER. I thought this was strange, so I left. Next day, I played, with 0 people on the server. When I joined, I saw that girl again. Same place, same clothes. Maybe I had bad luck, and maybe she was AFK everytime I saw her. I came to the game with my friends, due to being scared on the next day, she was fully functional. She was moving and stuff, so we talked. Me and 1 of my friends stayed, and everyone else left. When they left, she froze. We questioned this, and try to talk to her, although she never said anything. He told me check back tomorrow, just in case. When he left, my avatar froze, and did nothing. The skybox changed red, and stuff started getting deleted. I was scared, so I ran to my bed and got my blanket. She started spamming the chat, then said "All will die.", and left.

August 21, 2014,      

Well, this game became famous again, great. I played the game again, betting nothing would happen. Everything changed, and I was glad... But this girl joined, she was strange, but she never moved.

Notes: Thanks for telling me that BRB would not make sense, and AFK makes way more sense.

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