"Sometimes when you join maps and servers, they're just flat-out weird. So that's what inspired this story."

~ Myself before this pasta

Read Before Reading!

This is one of those 100% fake and unreal to the world pastas.....what? So this story will make more sense if you know some of the references, like the Red House of Horrors, my first ever creepypasta. Red House of Horrors 2 would also help. least try to....;)

The Creepypasta!, The Prologue- Chapter 1

I loaded up a game with me, and my other 4 freinds. We were a group of 5 friends - "Ghastmaster3490" (me), "SarahCoolestOne", "BlazedandCrazed", XPlayer337", and "TheGamerBLOX". We started on this server ttiled "The Unkown Palace", probably mistaken for "place". But whatever. We joined anyway. No mistake name is gonna stop us from our ROBLOX fun! Oh yeah. When we entered. We had learned that the place really was a palace.

The Exterior - Chapter 2

From the outside, the place looked gorgeous. Fancy white and cleaned bricks and tiles the whole way up! We had seen the amazing golden-topped roof. The place surrounding us was outstanding, too! Beautiful green grass, and black gates were surrounding our area - no unlcoked(Its Unlocked) exit doors - no way to climb - no escape....

The Inside - Chapter 3

The inside was like a museum of like....stuff. GamerBlox decided to enter a code into an area where one was needed. He got it incorrect, as he answered "5013". We decided to come back later, and see if we had any clues. He had gotten the idea from the creators name: HackerofHaxing II, which had put 3015 at the end of the name when referred to. Me and Sarah remembered HackerofHaxing..............he created the house.....

Sarah's Chapter - Chapter 4