Last Night i was playing ROBLOX on 10:00 pm and i found a game called the normal city the description said there's no secrets whatsoever and. I played it it was crazy rainbow people and dogs chasing me also aliens! after the crazy part i got teleported into a forest with an campfire it told me a story about a man named gavin killed himself in the forest after that some travellers came and saw a figure the speed of light. After the terrifying story me and my friend cawoods111 found a secret room in a backyard and we both fell in a cage called harlems cage thats the creator of the game and then we got out and found another room there was a knife in a glass and we saw disturbing pictures the most creepiest one was the guest holding a bloody knife we got out and got back in and a picture said IM NOT INSANE OR CRAZY (in red text) and next we found two graves saying RIP Chole and RIP Gavin when we saw those we shot at it and it said crazy messages you don' t want to read it it will make you insane.

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