A great thing about Roblox back in 2011 that I were the updates. The games weren't half assed as they are today but they weren't complex either. I had listed my favorite staff members with Shedletsky being my top favorite for some of his wired games. While searching through my profile when I logged in I noticed a new news article suggesting that Erik Cassel died in early 2013. I didn't remember who he was until I remember he was a Co-Founder of Roblox. He helped many updates and I sadly remembered him. I quickly forgot about his death and played Worked at a Pizza Place.

I joined a server and decided to be the cook since it was more better job than others. After a few hours of playing a player who was the manager just said "Forgive Me" then left the server. I knew that he was probably like me, leaving odd chat messages then leaving making people wonder what the hell just happened. I became the manager because once you are the manager other people want to be you. Few minutes later more and more players started saying "Forgive me" or "Please No" then leaving. The entire 20 player server was left deserted leaving me in the game. No NPC customers appeared and all the house were gone. I was leaving the game until a player joined. He had a Roblox symbol that shows that the certain player is a Roblox admin. His name was ErikCasselMemorial. He just kept saying random verses from the Bible and saying "Death is meaning of life, But accidents are more than a simple meaning...Help me". I decided to leave the game and close the Roblox tab on Google Chrome. I went onto Skype and told all my friends if they have logged on to Roblox and seen what I have seen. Most of them said no but when one of them said yes my internet closed. I opened it back up and tried to talk to him again. The few couple of tries failed but when I managed to get him on video chat, his webcam showed him just starring into the camera with tears on his eyes. I kept yelling at him until someone came through his door and stuck a hammer into his eye and just said Forgive me while my friend kept yelling and crying in pain. I shut down the computer and just sat there. The next day I tried to log on to Roblox, forgetting about the traumatizing thing from yesterday. I saw on the Front. Page a new game. It was called "Erik Cassel's Memorial"