Before you read, my child.

this pasta is fake lolololo


Everything got back to normal again. No more of that YBE shit, until now....

1 October 2016

I finally found an ISO for installing Windows XP, the classic OS everyone loved. Had it on my old laptop, but was too lazy so instead i installed the ISO file. I then put the ISO file into VirtualBox as a usual VM guy does, and then bam! Windows setup :D. After a few minutes, it installed like a charm. It's got everything an operating system should have. Until I opened Internet Explorer and shit got real. ROBLOX changed to YBEISWATCHING. I thought this was some prank IE someone made, so I ignored it and logged on. And as usual 2-step verification bugged out. But this time it won't get out so I logged out and then explored the wonders of XP...

4 October 2016

Okay guys, it's very early in the morning and school's beginning to start, so I have no time to write this. Yesterday, when I went IE'ing on the XP VM, it crashed the whole OS. I don't mean my main W10 but the virtual machine. I tried to reboot but it said hard disk failure. That's it, I'm gonna payback for what YBE did. Such a waste of a 600 MB iso file.

7 October 2016

Managed to fix the VM after 3 tiring days. Installed again like a Ferrari. But this time, not everything was OK.

Everything bugged out. Only the system files are intact so the VM could boot up. Everything other than the system files broke out. I cannot even use IE or Chrome. Task Manager shows 777% CPU usage and 133% Pagefile usage.

Work in progress.

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