This is my first pasta,it might not be scary!



It was a normal day.I was playing Roblox when this new game called Hell's was on the front page.I played the game.The game was creepy,there were pictures of reddish stuff and black stuff moving around.


Then,I saw a brick land in front of me.It was black in color,then it exploded.There was a guy in full black,saying "Hell's".He kept repeating it until he said "Time to go"

Hell's Ride

I was teleported to a car,where I could not jump.I wanted to leave,but he drove into a black hole and I was teleported into another game called "welcome to hell"..

In "Hell"

That was where i was scared.I walked around,and when i did ,i would see a picture.If i did not,then i would just see the red Town of Robloxia copy.And so I walked around,and the pictures looked like a video.

The Axe

I walked around and I kept watching.I saw a video of me getting chopped by the same black guy with an axe.There was a blood writing for a split second called h3FC.I still do not know what it means,but I am still creeped until today.


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