This was edited by Bill Cipher laughs, the story before had even more bad grammar, at the end, I got lazy and stopped.
This is my first story. It seems fake, I know. Though, you won't believe this, this is actually real, I want it to be fake but sadly, it's real...

Part 1: The Start

I was playing roblox like everyday, T was always on a game called "Survive the Disasters." Everything was normal. I tried to survive, which is what the game wants you to do. Somebody then called. I joined and I was surprised; His name was just Dot. I said to myself, "Hmm, another glitch." My PC was bad at the time when I played that game in 2013 as a guest. I main account had been hacked.

Part 2: The Party Starts

The glitch was completely black. I again said to myself, "Heh maybe some another hacker. What should I expect from roblox 2013 Hackers? I ignored him before something happened, he typed in chat, "Hi my old friend", followed with a smiley face.

DavidTimingKiddoTime was his name. Oh no! DavidTimingKiddoTime was my hacked account! I searched my account, nothing was there, just some text in a bold and huge font, "Do you remember me?" Again, followed by a smiley face.

The smiley face was really creepy, as if it was not your average smiley emoticon. The smile seemed to stretch wider than the normal smiley face.

Part 3: Are Weird People Funny Now?

I was freaked out by that there was just link on that page with creepy smiley: I don't remember it so much :/ I first clicked on R icon to see that bitch again. I was so fucking wrong getting back to the game, everything turned red i finally got chance to see chat for everyone everyone was screaming, but something happened i heard every text like when it's ahhh!!! I heard it i was terrified i leaved the game as fast i can. I maked new account to ask about hack on roblox forum, Roblox forum was cancer so i just normally asked, i got a lot of hates like: Idiotic rt nice trolling fker.

Part 4: Some Places Aren't Meant to be Played

Nobody believed me so decided to copy link i get i i pasted it now with account i played it. It was fucking mistake! It looked like happy house 2012

then somebody joined, i was like fuck fuck who is this! It was dot i tried to leave but nothing worked just settings and reset. I tried to turn off fullscreen but it didn't worked then my menu closed by itself. Dot said: leaving so soon my old friend? :) I said: who are you! what the fuck do you want! Idc if fuck was censored or not. He said: Isn't fuck little bad word my friend? It wasn't censored that wasn't important now. I asked: what do you want!!! He said: I thought you remember me. Me: ... wait a sec aren't you, Oh god. He: Yeah it's me :) Me: you hacked my account right? He: Yes pretty much you was getting in my way by checking these stories on Wikias These were true it was mistake bro! Me: what do you wan't! he: 2017 game crashed and i was scared he said 2017? He meant year? I stoped playing roblo for few months so i decided to play it again I clicked on catalog to buy some stuff i was bc so i can afford some of these. When i clicked there was 666 price everywhere.

Part 5: Fun Just Started

I fast clicked on home. The number of Robux I had was "Die" now. I told my friends a little later because i was scared. They unfriended me so I skyped them.

They said in a question tone, "W hat?! Are you crazy?" Before something made one my friends crash and the screen wasn't shut down it was really dark i heard scream btw it was night where he was i don't remember where he was but scream was of him I saw blood. I shuted down his skype i can't watch that show anymore. My friend july screamed a lot but because of him i was happy she was ok she said, "Omg is he ok?!!! I said: I don't know! I saw blood!" She vomited then said, "Call police call 911!!! This is crazy! Wanna meet up in your house today?" She sounded really scared so i decided to tell her this, "yes, you can come..."

Part 6: Creepy Calls Every Night!

She came in at midnight, She told me, "Do you think he is ok?" I replied, "I don't know. I called police and I showed them the video and they said its fake." I said, "Your job is protecting so do some protecting!" They said, "Ok, we'll call somebody to stay this month. They leaved at around 1:00. We decided to call my friend jack again, so he accepted that it was disturbing dead family. We saw the killer. He was smiling, I knew it was dot from roblox. He said, "Hi long time no see my friend." I replied, "Why are you doing this i thought you are random hacker. I find you and kill you! You killed my friend and his family, you monster!" He said back, "Thank you for the compliment I hope you can't wait for 2017 :)" My data from my pc was deleted even my videos. That was the last of the proof. I started crying. Everything important has gone gr! I even destroyed my laptop it was useless now. I started to live normal life but i never forget about it, killer wasn't found. But i'm still waiting It is 2016 now and i'm still going i know it is just start.

Part 7, coming soon to Creepypasta Wikias near you...