It's been one year, since the NuLL incident happened on me. The Anonymous, NuLL, will remain a mystery. But as of right now, i don't wanna talk or mention about NuLL. I still have nightmares from NuLL. (I recommend you leave this page, since this story is as bad as NuLL.) And this story is all true. I will even have video footage of this story. Oh, when you are reading this story, you will learn not to follow anyone or trust anyone, even if it's a Noob, it can still lead you to mercy. And you will regret it for the rest of your life. Anyways. Let's begin. By the way,

Knowing NuLL.

NuLL. NuLL still haunts me. NuLL still frightens me. NuLL still scares me. For those of you who don't know who NuLL is, i will explain. NuLL, is a character. And no, it's not like those other characters like Guest 666, Error 45299, Smile, Ubooly, 1x1x1x1, The faceless guest, The Statue, Melvin, or the other ones. NuLL, is like Slender man, but the Glitch-y and REAL, haunted Nightmare that you've seen. I know what you're thinking. You're like, "NuLL Doesn't even exist." or "What a huge lie" or even "Clichés., clichés. all clichés." Well, NuLL is not just a character. He is the ROBLOX version of Slender man. If you met NuLL, you will need to SURVIVE!! NuLL is not who you think he is. He has infected me and my whole computer. I know, i know, it's not on the story, but it's really true. NuLL infected my computer. All the icons were spattered in blood. Infected files, Infected ROBLOX, Infected games, infected browser, INFECTED, INFECTED ALL INFECTED. He even changed my background saying "BeWaRe NuLL". I was scared to death at that time. But, since my account got deleted, i decided to create a new one. NuLL Deleted all my friends, my places, My inventory, everything that I've ever had since I've joined ROBLOX. Even my ROBLOX Character was Pure black and i was spattered in blood.


What NuLL looked like and made me look like.

I know, i know, i'm suppose to tell a story about HeLP699.exe. But i'm letting you guys know about NuLL. If you wanna read about NuLL, type in NuLL and one result will come up. You might think the story is a cliché, but it's Accurately Real. I will guarantee you that. Anyways, you already know who NuLL is, now it's time to tell HeLP699. Oh, and the character you're seeing now, it positively REAL. I've seen NuLL like that, and he dressed me up as him in my old account. But you guys will think it's fake. Well, IT ISN'T. Anyways, let's begin. Don't get bored but there are 17 chapters in this story so yeah. Enjoy!!

Chapter 1: The Beginning of the End.

Saturday, July 2nd, 2016.

Me and my friends were planning on going to that Noob place again where i met NuLL for the first time. And one of my friends said "Fine, let's go". Luckily, i shouted out "NO.". Everyone was talking at the same time, "Why", "Cmon man.", "Let's go", I responded, " We're not going back to the place again." Seriously, i never want to go back there again, after what i just Experienced. I won't let the same thing happen to me. So i just said, "Go without me, I'll be playing in my place and do nothing there." They all just said Okay, and they left without me. So i went to my place, and started exploring and playing with my gears. 6 minutes later, my friend came and she wanted see what i was doing in the meanwhile. I told her "How was the place you were in?"

Friend: I'm never going back to that place again!!!

Me: Why happened?

Friend: There was this house........ and it looked fancy.

Me: Okay??

Friend: So when i went in the house, i saw............... Blood.

Friend: There was even a blood writing on the wall.

Me: What'd it say?

Friend: It said, "Blood, Blood, Suicide."

So when she said those words, i was thinking about NuLL. (For those who were reading the NuLL story), Do you remember the person who was teasing NuLL (In disguise) said "Whatever you do, don't follow him. Don't make contact with him. He is Null. NOTHING At all!!!!!", "He is nothing. He is worthless. He doesn't belong in this world. Mark my words, If you go near him, ROBLOX, will be the last game you will ever play in your life.". He was talking about NuLL. I thought to myself, i think the person who was being teased (NuLL) created that place. Even the wall had the writing "Blood, Blood Suicide" to it. But i'm still thinking to myself, "Why would and WHO would, even create that kind of place? Why would NuLL create that place? Is he referencing his place As a TRUE Story? A story about a murder that happened?" I was really confused. Why would NuLL create it? There was even a hospital near the house. And inside the hospital....................... inside was worst than the house.... This is what looked in the inside of the hospital.......(By the way, it was a small hospital) This footage you will see here is the day when i met NuLL for the first time. NuLL is not on tape. (The following you're about to see contains blood and gore. )



When i saw this place, i was really creeped out of what was inside. I couldn't believe what i just filmed and saw. I told myself "This is not good". So i decided to get out of the hospital after finishing filming and went inside the house. If you guys wanna visit this place, i'm sorry to say this but the place has been deleted. This doesn't exist anymore.

So, after my friend told me about the writing on the wall, She said..

Friend: I even checked to see if they (My friends) were still there......

Me: What happened?

Friend: They all left the game....

Me: When they left the game, were you alone?

Friend: YES I WAS!!

Friend: And i even heard this strange whispering sound I've never heard.

For a second, i didn't know what she was talking about. A whispering sound. Until it came to me. It was the NuLL whisper that she heard. Now i knew what she was talking about. So i asked her if she saw a person in the game.

Me: Did you see anyone in the game when you were alone?

Friend: No.

Me: Did you leave the house?

Friend: Yes...

Friend: I even checked outside to see if there was more bodies everywhere... until that whisper came.

Friend: When it came, i just left the game Immediately.

RIGHT BEFORE NuLL CAME SHE LEFT THE GAME!! Wow. I couldn't believe it. I tried leaving the game immediately too, but i couldn't leave. And that's where i saw NuLL. I said to her GG. But i was glad she was okay. She said she wants to Log off ROBLOX for a while after that.

Friend: I'm logging off ROBLOX.

Me: Okay.

Friend: Byeeee, and Text me.

So she leaves the game , and i'm alone...... which i just figured out................ I thought i was alone............ But i wasn't. There was a strange figure in my place. It said "HELP ME!!!". I was confused...

Me: What the hell is that?

I went to get a closer look. And that's where my Screen starts glitching. I stopped my character, but i kept moving. I tried a way to stop my character for heading into the mysterious figure, but i couldn't stop. I tried another way to stop myself, But it was too late. My computer had glitched off. Even the power of my house went off. So i went to turn back on the power of my house and went back to my Laptop. So i started on my Laptop. I logged on to my user..... And my background Changed.... It said "Help Me" With a Bloody background with all my files and games removed, Except for my recycle bin and this folder that Said "Help Me" and "HelpMe.exe".


So i decided to open the file and inside the file, was two Notepad files. The first one was named, HeLPHeLPHeLP and the other was called HeLP.exe. so i opened the first file, and it said HeLPHeLPHeLPHeLPHeLPHeLP over and over and over again. I couldn't understand what was going on with my computer. So i closed the file and opened the .exe file. And what came up was this message, "You'd never HeLP. Now DIE.".......... I was really shocked of what came up. I closed notepad immediately, and the file. I opened up my browser and it was covered in FULL blood. So i decided to ignore it and go to ROBLOX. And for some reason, all my things and friends and places were still there. So when i checked the home bar, it said i just got 666 messages.. When i saw it, i thought to myself, "What the F***?" So i clicked on the messages. And for some reason, The website just got bloody Red. And i saw the person who sent the messages. It was from a person named "HeLP 699". And it all said, "HeLP" with a link to a game called, "HeLP699.exe". So i went into the game...... and what i saw was............ a skybox with blood everywhere, and a small Red terrain. I thought i was alone............... but i wasn't. When i turned around, a person named 699 was there. That figure was just was just staring at me. 10 seconds later my screen glitches, and the figure starts coming towards me. And i tried leaving the game, but i couldn't. It wouldn't let me. I couldn't even move either. I started to freak out. Then, 699 went towards me, and my screen was glitching so badly. 10 seconds later, my screen turned bloody red. And it said a message saying, "I NEED HeLP" for 10 seconds. 3 seconds later, everything just shut off entirely, including the power of my house. I was really scared of what i just saw. I've said to myself "I won't go back on ROBLOX for 2 weeks". So i went to turn the power back on, and I've never went back on ROBLOX for 2 weeks.

Chapter 2: Look out.

It's been two weeks since I've went offline from ROBLOX. So i logged back on, and all of my messages were gone. I didn't mind my messages. So i decide to follow my friends in a game. They all asked me, where was i for the last 2 weeks. I've told them a lie. I said to them, "I was on vacation", and they all believed me. So we just talked and talked and talked for 20 minutes. And then, everyone left, AT THE SAME TIME. I was all like, "WTF?". So i tried leaving the server, but i couldn't. 10 seconds later, a message on my game appeared saying "Error: 699HELP". I was really creeped out, until my screen turned completely black for 20 seconds. After those 20 seconds, it turned back on, and the mysterious "HeLP699" figure returned. He was completely on fire. So i tried talking to him and this is what i got.

Me: What do you want from me?!??!

HeLP699: .

Me: LET ME GO!!!!

HeLP699: H e4eee LP4699

Me: Huh?

HeLP699: y5o3u a3rje in4fec6t99ed hf5Efh3LbsP DhsehgdsAdkjTjfnH DnfdsiNdfe.

HeLP699: Gjdhoohdgdbye.

My screen starts glitching and my laptop shuts off. Luckily the power from my house didn't went out. So i turned back on my computer and my background was still the same. Even when i went back to my browser, it was still the same. Even when i logged back on ROBLOX, all my things was still there. But i still kept wondering. What was HeLP trying to say. It sounded like he was talking gibberish. But luckily, after 3 hours of Un-coding and fixing, I've finally figured out what did HeLP say. He says "You are infected, hELP DeATH Die" for the others, "HeLP699" and "Goodbye". I thought HeLP skipped English or something after reading that. But because of everything HeLP did to me, i started thinking about NuLL. I thought to myself "This is a thing NuLL would do to my Laptop." I didn't want to say, NuLL is behind HeLP since I've never saw him for a long time, but i felt like this is a sign of NuLL. But the next time i see HeLP, I'm gonna ask him about NuLL. But i think, he will not know, but there is a first time for everything, so, why not?

Chapter 3: Who is 699?

Ever since I've met HeLP699 for the first time, i felt like i was being followed by someone or SOMETHING. I don't know what to do anymore. I think it's best for me to log off ROBLOX....... FOREVER. HeLP is always following me no matter what. Every game i go, i spot HeLP. I always spot HeLP there, here everywhere. What does HeLP want from me? What did i ever do to HeLP? But the only thing i'm worried, is his user. I'm always thinking to myself, does the mysterious figure need help? Help with what? What kind of help? Help, HELP, HELP. HeLP is always spawning where ever i go. But what does he need help with? I wanna find out with what he needs help with. And i'm not gonna stop until i do.

So the next day, me and my friend are going to a ROBLOXian Waterpark. The rest of my friends didn't want to go so, yeah. I wished, prayed and hoped i won't see HeLP in this game. So me and my friend went to the game, and we had fun there for like 10 minutes.... Until she left the game. Wait, she didn't leave the game alone, EVERYONE LEFT THE GAME LEAVING ME BEHIND. I didn't get footage from everyone leaving the game, but i did get this small small footage of me being alone. This was 5 seconds before everything got dark red and exploited.

To be continued.

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