It's happening . Whatever it is , it's here . I can't explain in fully , although I might as well try .

I just moved into a new , very modern home . I was sure the manor was just built , since it seemed new . I got the cozy little bedroom in our basement , which was quite unfortunate since I am one of the oldest siblings in my family . Nevertheless , I have a computer facing the window . The door is located on the other side , which means I can't see who comes in and out . It was the third day , and wind echoed outside my window . Howled actually . It was more of a blood curdling howl that came from a cold , mysterious night or a terrible ghoul . I powered on my computer and searched until I clicked on Roblox . If I'm being honest , I don't usually play this game , only when I'm emotionally drained and have nothing better to do . I already felt watched that day , so the terrible sensation that someone else was on my account made it only worse . If your wondering what the actual heck I'm talking about , I noticed some things off . My friends list was completely erased , even though I had about 145 friends , my avatar kept switching clothing , and my bio read , " I'm here . I'm watching . I'm hunting . I'm preying . " No matter how much I changed it , no matter how hard I tried , the thing wouldn't budge .

When I finally decided to play something , the first thing that popped up was supposedly some kind of old design named " H eshere ". When I spawned , a georgeous , stone mansion stood in front of me . It was over - grown with veins and white roses . Black gates were surrounding the place . It was one of those places were you had to press a specific button to close / open entrances . Hose wneowajan&&-@-@-'



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