Hi, on Roblox my username is Badgehunter11. This is why I am online for only a little, it all started when I was playing work at a pizza place. I met a friend named CatFear. He was so nice to me and always assisted me while working. He said to me, "We'll be friends forever! I promise..." I was happy to hear that. One month later we've become best friends and on one game he said, "I'm going to visit my country, but dont worry! I'll be safe." I wished him good luck. But he never came back on Christmas. I was very sad, it was only a month since I've known him. I played Work at a Pizza place again but it crashed. I left the game and the title on the game changed to "He's Back" was this some sort of glitch? I don't know... I played the game again and it worked! But only me and a player named "SorryIwasntSafe" were in the server. I said, "Hello! We're the only ones here right? Who are you?" The player replied, "I am someone you know. I'm sorry you grieved for me." "CatFear?" I said. Then the server shut down. I joined CatFear's place, the sky in the game was dark. CatFear joined, "Your alive?" I said. "No... But I have kept my promise at least" CatFear replied. "What promise? It's 2015 now! I don't remember any promise because it's been a long time!" I said. "I've said that we would be friends forever right? I've kept it, it never broke." He replied. "How did you keep it?" I said. CatFear replied "Because I am with you, forever..."


Monday, June 8, 2015: CatFears account is real and his place too. You might be wondering about the story, was this real? Believe what you want but this really happened to me...

What happened before December 3 a.k.a the month of christmas: I have received a message before he left on September, CatFear said he would come back around December 2.

How do you know he died: It's been months and he never came back.

What if he's pranking you and he stayed in his country: There is no way, because he immigrated and became a citizen here.

There, I gave you some information do you think the story is real or fake?

More storyline! Your welcome guys!

Today is June 8, CatFear is back and he usually plays his game... I visit him and we still play some games! But he quit doing that. I don't know the reason. At his game he told me his dad survived, and when I asked where he was he didn't reply. 2 minutes later I was taken to a roblox page showing a T-shirt of a conkwar and Ooo it was made by CatFear. Is this a message saying his dad is playing video games? Or his dad is at war? I don't know... I'm making a new creepypasta! It will be called Their childhood ruined.

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