My roblox creepypasta!!! - haunted deli

My roblox creepypasta!!! - haunted deli

this is a footage of the creepypasta by deliciousbakedpie warning: there's pictures and at the end there's a jumpscare of haunted deli

the story starts off in night as deliciousbakedpie woke up from bed in his home deliciousbakedpie did decided to go play roblox with he's friends when deliciousbakedpie turned on the computer the computer turned red and it sucked deliciousbakedpie into the computer!!! none ever does know what has happen to deliciousbakedpie 4 days later, an new hat on roblox has been made which shocked everybody on the roblox community!!!

it looks like deliciousbakedpie's warhelm hat he does wear except it does look a bit corrupted it's also now known that a shadow of deliciousbakedpie randomly appears briefly in random games which scare players

it's unknown why deliciousbakedpie accidently got sucked into the computer and that it is all an mystery and the shadow might appear in front of you in an game staring...