I was on ROBLOX a lot and usually had lots of parties. One party though with my friend UndesirableOwenlw went horribly wrong. It was the first time for me playing and we found a user called "HAT GREATNESS". That was weird because 1. you can't have a space in your name and 2. he was wearing every hat but you can only have 3. So we were going to go visit a new Climb The Stairs place. When we enter he came back but renamed himself "NO DON'T HIDE!" again wearing every hat and breaking the username code. Then we decided to look at his profile. There was a button that said "Will you decide to visit horror?" when we tried to look at him but I didn't press it. Owen did though, and this next paragraph is his story only altered to fix spelling/grammar mistakes.

I was entering his game when I read the description. It said 01001110 01101111 00101100 00100000 01110000 01101100 01100101 01100001 01110011 01100101 00100000 01101100 01100101 01100001 01110110 01100101 00101110. It was binary, but I didn't have time to decode it, so I entered the game. There were 3 things, a zombie, car, and motorcycle. Thinking this was a race game I went on the motorcycle and I was killed. HatGreatness then joined with an okay username but blood all over him. But then he change rapidly. Every 6 seconds he changed his name. I thought it was because of the disabled chat but it still worked. I then respawn randomly even though I wasn't killed and the only thing left in my inventory was a decal saying "HATS DON'T LIE. HATS ONLY TELL THE TRUTH" with blood red in the background. Hat changes his name everyday now. HatGreatness, new name, HatGreatness. All my friends had every hat on and were called "hatsdont". Then I got renamed to "YOULEFTMEHATSDONTLIE". I then got sent 200 messages from a user called "NOONEISSAFEFROMHATS" saying "You can trust me again". I soon told all my friends.

I then hit the button and got a completely new game called kilopo9ds is next. I got spammed with messages from other people wishing me goodbye. I never got the same treatment as Owen though, and he unusually never asked me about it. But then I entered. There were bodies of dead ROBLOX friends of mine like babivini, bastiaankiip, and worst of all xX21pokeboss12Xx. None of then moved an inch. I saw the hanged HatGreatness next to me. Soon I tried to touch him. But soon enough I got a message saying "YOU SHOULD BE DEAD" and then my entire IP address crashed.

I couldn't start it back up so I stopped playing ROBLOX. Some of my friends when the computer FINALLY booted up asked me what happened. So i told the whole story. No one every thought it was real except for Owen, and after I tried messaging them the proof my ENTIRE SERVER crashed. I thought this was a botnet or amazingly large virus. I soon tracked down the IP address and it lead to (cue X-Files music) HatGreatness. He denied all connotations and relationships with hacking. I soon found out he was a former mod on ROBLOX seeking revenge because he got demoted. He's hacked 10000 ROBLOX players so far. And he told me through PM it won't stop until 8/8/88. That's 72 more years of hacking regular ROBLOX players.

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