File #1 Plainoldbread's Dream

Hello my name is plain, I like to play ROBLOX, as I have since 2012, I experienced something way back in 2013, I was bored, I played ROBLOX until my mother told me to go to bed. I slept and remembered the game I was playing. My dream started off as me just sitting down and casually scrolling through the frontpage, when I stumbled across a Attack on Titan map, ya know the city one, I entered and nobody was on, I only saw just myself, so I decided to enjoy playing when... "Hampton" showed up, A video game character similar to Kaos from Skylanders, sounded like a female and showed up completely out of nowhere. I was shocked to see a character from another videogame on ROBLOX itself. Back then, the boy and girl package didn't exist. I turned into the urban mailboxes in neighborhoods (Not the ones that are at a house). Soon Hampton left and players joined and I was happy once again. File #2 Plainoldbread's Dream Part 2

November 2015, I slept and dreamt was in the same server, I played and chatted with the players, ya know kind of good ROBLOX themed dream isn't it? No. It started to turn around when Hampton showed up, I turned into that same mailbox again, and Hampton began to say: Remember me? I replied Yes. The chat began to go crazy, each chat went by each second, everyone began to freak out. Some messages I saw were "OMG what happend to him???". I began to go back to normal and I guess that's the end. OR IS IT?

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