Log date 01 of ???. So I started playing my favorite game Boys, and Girls roleplay. I trolled some online daters, but then someone joined named GoodBoy. I started making fun of his username, here is our chat.

[Guest2hat(me] Hhahahaha who's a good boy, not you!

[Goodboy] Stop being so mean, you retard!

[Guest2hat] Fine, goodkid

[Goodboy] I SAID STOP!!!

[Goodboy left the game]

[Guest2hat] Trololololololololol

[WhyHaveYouDoneThis joined the game]

[xXSATINXx joined the game]

[Guest2hat]Calm down, capachenio!

[xXSATINXx] You've done this to my friend!

[banned from game]

Weird huh? So that was our little talk. I recieved different friend requests from 20 different accounts such as SuicideMe. I accepted that one from stupidity. My computer crashed.

Log date 02 of 02. Help has me........I should of known.............Hello is that your little friends, Guest2hat?*faint whisper* don't do it Satin!"Well I'm one trolls me!", said Goodboy. It was me who was a Badboy....

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