NOTE: Everything in this pasta is NOT real.

Mega Fun Obby

Hello. Here I am gonna tell you my story. It all started when I played Mega Fun Obby. Most of the people in the server

were guests. Guest 666,Guest 1337, Guest 99999, Guest 1, and Guest 0. Then a fake guest joined the server. His name was

Guest Satan. I blocked and reported him, not to be seen again. So I was on stage 499. Guest Satan appeared in front

of me. I was NOT scared at all. Then he left the server. Then some players joined, but not guests. They were:

hardwell555 ( HW ) nicholaskage ( NK ) and personmcperson ( PMP ).

HW: hoi bros

PMP: wazzup

NK: hoi gois

ME: hoi bros wazzzup wat should we paly

NK: marder mistery too

PMP: clon ticoun

HW: azur mins

ME: mep citi


Azure Mines

We all played Azure Mines. Azure Mines is a fun game where you mine ores and use those ores to buy furniture,

increase optimal depth, and more! nicholaskage and I went down the same hole. We dug up to 665m below surface.

Then Guest XXXX joined the game. I thought it was another fake guest, so I really didn't care. When both of us were

at 665m below surface, there was a message saying: "Dont go down further, or else...". I thought it was another meme

made by berezaa, so I didn't care and went below.

NK ( 666m ): 666 miturs dep!!

HW ( 666m ): wiy am i sicks sixcks sixckes miturs dep i am 0 miturs dep actualy

PMP ( 666m ) meh to

ME ( XXXm ) ah am XXX miturs dep

NK,HW,PMP: wat es hapending

nicholaskage,hardwell555, and personmcperson left the game

All the guests left the game too.

Guest XXXX ( GXXXX ) ( ____m ): Hello! Wanna be my friend?

ME: I thought guests cannot talk!

GXXXX: I dont care, friends?


GXXXX: Okay then, go die.

The Return Of Guest XXXX and my Friends

I immediately searched for Guest XXXX and reported and blocked him. All my friends ( HW,PMP,NK ) messaged me:

HW: wat hapended

NK: i dunt no

PMP: i dunt car

ME: hoi frends

PMP: wat hapended dood

HW: ya wat hapended

NK: i dun car abot wat hapended

ME: i dun car eter

NK,HW,PMP: gud bi

Next after the chatting, we ALL played Superhero Tycoon.

Superhero Tycoon is a game where you can choose to be what superhero you want.

I played as Deadpool, NK played as Robin, PMP played as Dracula, and HW played as Beast Boy.

I bought some weapons so we can fight with eachother and team with each other.

Then Guest XXXX joined. I didn't know what superhero or villain he was, so I asked him. No reply. But he got a

bow and arrow and shot all of us in the head and we all turned frozen and gold. We all left the server.

Then, we made a group chat to chat about what happened.




ME: ????

NK: death

GXXXX: death death DEATH

Everyone was kicked out of the chat, except for me and Guest XXXX.

My computer shut off, with the words: "DEATH". I plugged off the computer so that it will not turn on again.

I watched TV. We can't go to 1001 because we can only go to 1 - 1000. I went to channel 666. It said:

"g uets x si si cks cks si hantuing em" I decoded the message and it said: "Guest Six Sicks Sicks Is Haunting Me"

Guest 666?

Guest 666

Who is guest 666? I tried to find the answer on why Guest XXXX is haunting, and why Guest 666 is haunting Guest XXXX to haunt me. I remember he said: "You haunted ME". Maybe because I killed Guest 666 all over again?

I guess this will all be mystery. I tried once more to figure out what was happening. Then I remembered it all....

It all started when we were playing The 4 Elements Tycoon. I was fire, so I killed Guest 666 repeatedly just for fun.

Then he said: "You will pay...". I thought this was a joke, so I didn't mind. And I thought he was a fake guest, because

he chatted.


The year of death. Legend has it said that if a date has all numbers named 6, Guest 666 and Guest XXXX will terrorize the whole earth into death.




ME: wats rong giys am al saf up her


I was sitting on my computer desk until and black figure came....

God pulled me up to heaven. THE END LOL

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