April 23, 2012 6:00 AM in the Morning.

It was getting ready to be school,

I would snuggle up and get ready, shrugging my backpack off then wearing it on.

It looked really cold outside, so I would decide to grab my jacket and put on some jeans.

7 hours later.

5:00 PM in the Evening.

School was done, I would walk back inside, shrugging off my backpack removing it away to my room.

I would rather of decide to go play some of my favorite games.

So I would get back up, walking to the computer of mines, then do whatever my mind decides.

There was a new event going on in the website, called "Guest Week"

I didn't really liked guests that much, so I'd shrug the event off my mind and look at the forums...

Looking at what type to forum to choose, I chose "All Things ROBLOX"

53 seconds later.

I found this forum called "Guests Rule!"

Deciding what to do, I would comment on there saying "Guests suck, they do nothing but roam around and ruin roleplays, they're so annoying."

Pressing the enter key of what I typed in.

22 minutes later.

I was playing the Catalog Heaven game on ROBLOX, it was one of my most favorite games on ROBLOX.

Later, a doorbell sound played, right in real life, My parents would walk to it and open it...

It was a old VHS tape, it didn't show any name on it though...but I would decide to walk over by the VHS tape and play it in my room..

It looked really damaged, it was like, very hard to see what was going on, but it only showed a black screen, the lights would flicker and power would cut out..

But the television monitor would still play the tape somehow...

12 minutes later.

My parents were frightened, telling me what was going on..

I didn't know what was going on, so I tried ignoring my parents..

Then the TV tape finally answered, it was a real life guest, hanging with thousands of blood splatters...

It had glowing red eyes, staring at my face...

That creeped me out, until the power would come back on, but...


(This is in a W.I.P, please check back for more edits!)

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