One day, I was playing ROBLOX, i was on MeepCity, Suddenly... A wierd guest popped up, Named Guest ∞, I Was so SO confused, I thought that these symbols we're not allowed, THEN... A guy named Infinity1 came up, then 2, then 3, THEN 4, 5, 6, 7, Its going rapidly AND FASTER, Until just ∞ Came up, The baseplate, Sky, EVERYTHING, Turned into A RED BLEEDING C00LKIDD, Saying "Join Team 1NF1N1TY Today!", I was like "HUH." I tryed to leave BUT THE play button was gone.... I heard a screech, Then i got teleported..... It was a red ice version of the SWORD fighting game by shedlekty, At the corner of my eye.. I SAW THE HEARTDARK (Sorry to the creator of the HeartDark creepypasta.) I lunged toward it, I looked at my inventory SINCE it said i have it in the bottom right, Where the new hats show up, IT WAS THERE...... It was weird tho, the price is,GET READY FOR IT..... IT WAS INFINITY ROBUX, I was "HUH." again, THEN GUEST INFINITY SHOWED UP, I used the heartdark on HIM, The creepypasta death showed up, Then ∞ Showed up, i tryed to kill him, At first it did kill him, but he algamatted with IEVEE AND MOONENCHANTRESS AND XEPTSO AND CINEMADAN, I WAS SUPER-MEGA FREAKED OUT But then... he spoke.... He said(∞: One more....) I RAN, I WENT ON THE JUMP PADS, EVERYTHING, I reached a dead end, The monstery was about to KILL me, UNTIL... he got killed, It was like genocide. 999999's ontop of him, It showed that (-∞ Killed ∞) He was my saviour ever since, but i use my heartdark to this day and -∞ gave me Doomsekkar, Antenna Antlers, And The Wanwood Crown, to give me EXTREME power to fight off guest INFINITY, I am now DgwmInUs, The angel of hope to kill off guest INFINITY, So wish me LUCK. Also guest was revived by i think Lavos. (Made by Ixko.) (corrected by robloxKILLER10)

Bandicam 2017-07-29 09-34-45-268

This is what Guest Infinity look like i guess.

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