I was on murder mystery then guest infinite joined I was so scared I left, but my profile picture was black and said "Hack to all".

The start, 7/2/2008

So one day I was playing roblox and found this game, it was called Guest Infinite was here (∞/guest-∞-was-here) when I joined there was 2 other players and Guest ∞. Then, I saw Guest ∞, he had a sword and then said "um, Come here" um ( Stood up and then the Guest Hit him with the sword and his body was all black no eyes no face and was never seen again.


Then, I was just minding business until I got a message from this person with no name, blood as there profile picture and the message had no name. The message read Infinity signs and at the end it said "in 6 years a server with 4 Players will make you play the game and you can't escape." I was scared.


I was looking at the forums until I got teleported to this game with 4 players and Guest Infinity. It was the same game, Guest Infinite was here (∞/guest-∞-was-here) I wanted to leave but the X button was gone. The menu was also gone. But then, I saw somebody I knew, they where my cousin. Tilladis ( Then, the guest said in chais please come here." in red text, Tilladis went and got hit with a sword that made him all black no face and he was never seen on roblox again. Then he called me I got a sword and I did a sword fight, after 3 hours I won and I was happy. I miss Tilladis.

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