I got kicked, and was never seen again.

That was, until August 27, 2014. I joined in, and I noticed the new looks of ROBLOX. It had a new GUI to the left, showing me where everything used to be in the top. For some reason, one game was on the front page. It was called H3YM3STER, I KN3W YOU'R3 N3T SC3RED TO COM3 HER3

"The hell?" I joined the game, having absoulutely having NO idea what's gonna be there. In the game, I saw my friend who didn't believe me earlier being hanged. Guest 999 joined. Quickly, I tried to leave. Nothing happened. I was scared to death. This time, I saw him as a regular guest. I didn't trust this. I quickly ran away, and while I ran, I saw multiple friends being hanged, and I ran to the corner. The guest came, and said "Hello! Do you want to be friends?" I clicked the X button about 20 times, and it worked. I was relieved.

I had received a message by "IWasAVictimOfGuest999". I saw his username, and the message said, "Have you ever seen Guest 999? I found out a way to stop him." I quickly replied, "Yes, I have seen him, and I really need you to help me right now! He's not going to stop bothering me!" I sent the reply. Five seconds later, he replied. "Come to my place." I joined. He told me to stop him, you have to say, "Guest 999, stop bothering me!" 3 times. I went back to the creepy place, and I saw Guest 999, in his scary form. I said, "Guest 999, stop bothering me!" 3 times, and he dissapeared. The place turned into a regular place with cars and buildings.

All the games were back to normal, and the next day...

My friends' blurb said...



(Really this time.)

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