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(Please note that this is my absolute FIRST ROBLOX creepypasta I have ever made, so if it's cheesy, don't hate please.)

I was playing my favorite game, ROBLOX Card Wars. After 20 minutes of playing, automatically everyone left the game. I thought, "Lost connection, I reckon." After 3 seconds, someone called Guest 999 joined. I said, "Ah, the 999th Guest joining today? Rare." When I walked up to him, I realized this was not your average guest. Whole body black with bloody red eyes. "Ugh, not those hacker guests again."

When I got closer, it said in the chat bloody red, Guest 999: L3AV3 N3W OR DI3

"Okay... don't have to be violent..." I walked away, taking my gun, and shooting him. When I killed him, my screen showed me being hanged in a closet, blood falling off my neck. I tried to leave the game, and nothing happened. A second or two later, I got teleported into a room with a bunch of zombies. These zombies were different. Bloody, realistic, and made L4D2 zombie screams. I left the game, and when I went on the roblox page, all the games were called HEYM3STER10 WILL DIE. (My username, Heymister10.) "The hell....?"

All the game thumbnails were the same picture I saw earlier- me being hanged. Guest 999 was next to me. I joined a game, fortunately, my friend was there. He said, "Oh, hey there heymister!" I told him everything that happened and he looked at me like I came out of a dumpster lying about everything I saw. "Yeah, right..." Guest 999 was behind him. "DUDE, LOOK BEHIND YOU!" He didn't look back, assuming I was tricking him. Guest 999 had a little touching behind him animation, and once he touched him, he got kicked out of the game. "Dude, why did you leave? Probably scared."

Guest 999 came behind me, kicked me. I was never seen on roblox again...

THE END....?

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