My First Roblox Creepypasta

On Christmas Day 2015 I Was Playing Speed Run 4 When Suddenly A Guest By The Name Of Guest 999. I Didn't Think Nothing Of It Though, but when i got onto stage 3 when a really weird chat came up. It Said "TO DIE FOR", As i was noob then i typed back "i'm alive".

Instantly After Posting The Comment I Got Teleported to this game called Happylolz44's Place. I Started Walking Everything was normal, untill the creator joined... The Whole Game Went black then he sent me a friend request. I Accepted it...

24/6/16. I Was Getting Rid My friends who i didn't know, but when i was getting rid of happylolz44 it didn't let me. But I Didn't Care, Soon After I went on kick off when my friend AbdulRX Said Some Creepy Stuff Then Unfriended me...

27/6/17 I Was Watcing Roblox Creepypasta Guest 666 And During The Video I Heard Something about Guest 999... After Pausing the video i got teleported to Happylolz44's place again and then HappyLolz44 Joined and said "No Truth Is Avalable".

28/6/17 A Random Posted On Forums That Guest 999 choped he's penis off.Immediatly, My Computer crashed but then a video of guest 999 turning into HappyLolz44 and then he said "Gone FlipingHell22". (That was my username untill i changed into EpicDinoHarry). Then My Computer Started working again (at that time i had about 1200 robux). I Went To Buy D.I.Y Bighead But All My Robux was gone. I Instantly Typed up HappyLolz44 And He Had Hats that cost robux. Then My Roblox Account Logged Out, I Tried Log Back In But I Was banned for a YEAR!!!

28/7/17 I Logged Back In No In That Is Has Been A Year I Went To Play Zombie Rush but the games were the top games of 28/7/16. (by what i thought..) I Played Deathrun Winter and when i joined An Old Version of me was on the game. I Walked up to him and he turned around and it was Guest 999... The End Follow My Roblox EpicDinoHarry

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