My first Roblox Creepypasta.

On Christmas Day 2015 I was playing Speed Run 4 when a guest by the name of Guest 999 joined. I didn't think much of it though, but when I got onto Stage 3 when a really weird text box came up. It said "TO DIE FOR", as I was a newb back then I typed back "I'm alive".

Instantly after typing that I was teleported to this game called "Happylolz44's Place". I started walking around and everything was normal, until the creator joined.. the whole game went black then he sent me a friend request. I accepted it...

24/6/16. I was getting rid of my "friends" who I did not know, but when I was getting rid of Happylolz44 it didn't let me. But I didn't care, soon after I went to unfriend my friend AbdulRX when he said some creepy stuff to me.

27/6/17 I was watching a Roblox Creepypasta Guest 666 video, and during the video I heard something about Guest 999.. I paused the video but.. I somehow got teleported to Happylolz44's place again. Then the creator, HappyLolz44, joined and said "No truth is available".

28/6/17 A random post on the Forums that Guest 999 chopped his penis off, immediately after that my computer crashed. But then a video of Guest 999 appeared turning into HappyLolz44 and then he said "Be gone FlipingHell22". (That was my username until I changed into EpicDinoHarry). After that my computer started working again. I got back on ROBLOX and went to buy the D.I.Y Bighead but.. all my Robux was gone. I starting typing HappyLolz44 into the search bar, went to his profile, and he had the D.I.Y Bighead instead. Then my ROBLOX account logged out for some reason, I tried to log back in but I was banned for a YEAR!

28/7/17 I logged back in after a year passed, I went to play Deathrun Winter and when I joined an old version of my ROBLOX account was on the game. I walked up to him and he turned around and it was Guest 999...

The End

If you want to you can follow my ROBLOX account EpicDinoHarry. :D

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