5th article. Feel free to correct any mistakes! (this is REAL)

I was at school with my friends. Justin, James, Grace, and me. We decided to play mm2. I had 4 computers in my mansion. We decided to go there. I got on my computer. We then joined mm2. Private server. I had 1 million robux cause my mom is rich. We each played happily, losing, winning, or trading. Then a guest joined. Chat went like this:

Binziong_Fan(me):HOWD A GUEST JOIN??? xxILOVEPIZZAxx:this is private rite? VinalViews:yea! Guest 8866: I wIlL hAuNt YoU Binziong_Fan:omg

We left. And all got viruses. But my mom bought more computers. My friends said we are dead. We were in heaven. The end.

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