Things Happen

I know, I know, guest 666 is very popular. Which is why I checked it out. I met him. I saw him. I forgot about it. But one day it all came back to me, and I decided to post my story. I met him A LOT of times. But one time was the one I remember the best. I was playing the BC Hangout & Donation Center by desivy. I was playing a game with GavinRocks7, since the guest is mostly on servers with 2-3 people. We were playing until the guest joined. All I remember is Gavin leaving, and the guest sending a message, like the ones on Kohl's Admin House. It was, "Why are you still here?" I think. Then he played Hypno (You know, pokemon? The music?) Gavin joined, I was kicked, Gavin left the game, and the guest played for a while by himself. How do I know this? I was looking at servers. After a while I started to play Gavin's games with him. He started to act... weirder... every time I played with him. He started randomly killing me in his games after I mentioned Guest 666. It wasn't when I met Guest 666, it was after. I found a private server on one of my favorite games I forgot the name off. It was kinda like The Normal Elevator. It was Gavin's. I played for a while then left. Every time I checked to see if he was playing, he wasn't. And then I watched the first episode of desivy's Guest 666 series on youtube again. And then I noticed something. Guest 666's name looked like one of the names you get when you say :name me (Insert Name Here) on Kohl's Admin House. It wasn't a guest on that series. It was a player that had the name Guest 666. If that series was fake, was what happened to me too? I don't know. But I know three things. One, I saw Guest 666's name, and it didn't look like an admin's name, it looked like a normal player name. Two, it had admin. And three, I had a video of him, but my old computer's screen broke. I know it happened, ask Gavin. He probably won't respond but you can at least try. Most creepypasta's are fake, but this one was REAL.

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