Guests always have been creepy for me , And what makes them more creepy is that they DONT TALK ! I got many stories about guest but this story is about a specifically guest who goes by "GUEST 666" .

      Day 1 

I got from school and did my homework , then Ciara my friend came and play Roblox it was fun so then we decided to do a prank on people this was the game of "MeepCity". We were playing and then i decided to get the Computer and join me so that we will have more people while i was doing that my friend ciara was changing her clothes in MeepCity but then ................ She saw GUEST 666 it was soooooo creepy and i also so saw the Block watch but i did not tell her then she had to go,i was still play but when guest 666 left my game shut down it was sooo creep , so then i stop play and went to sleep cause i was tired.

Day 2

i went to my phone and play and then i saw GUEST 666 i was in shocked but then he said "GET OUT BEFORE I HACK ALL OF YOU"

Soo i did not leave the game but i did get alway from him so creepie but other people did to, this game was " prove it " by prove it soo Weird that game had alot of hackers soo i just left and the things i saw i could not sleep for one week

Will that all

ThE eNd

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