Guests have always been weird to me, being able to join servers and disturb actual players that took the time to actually make a profile. However, I once met a guest that disturbed me in a whole other way than the others.

I was doing my usual routine of playing with my friends. It was Saturday, so i had the whole day to play Roblox with my friends. I was skyping with my pals Tom and Kyle. They were telling me about Sonic.exe, which was a creepypasta they had read the day before. They mentioned how their names were mentioned in the creepypasta, and i found that kinda funny. So we decided to go into a creepypasta server, and that's where we met Guest 666.

He did the usual routine of a guest; randomly walking around and saying gibberish. However, one of his quotes were the following:


It was obvious to me that scrambling the text made it say "Iwillkillyou", but my other friends didn't seem to notice. I just shrugged it off, and since the server itself was pretty boring (and not well-made), so we all decided to quit the server.

We decided to go to some B2S server, and there he was again. Guest 666 was also playing on this server, jumping around and spewing nonsense in the chat all while dying because of all the monsters. Then, another one of his scrambled messes made sense to me.


"Ihateyousomuch" is what i made it out to be. I was beginning to become annoyed, and we all decided to quit the server, this time going to Toms place (in Roblox), which was whitelisted, so only a select few could enter.

But there he was again. Guest 666 was running around, as if he hadn't just joined a whitelisted server. I made Tom check the whitelist, and he confirmed that Guest 666 wasn't on the list. We simply couldn't get away from this guy.

When we tried leaving the server, a blackout occurred, and my computer shut down. And in the reflection of my computer i saw myself, and a dark figure standing behind me.

I turned around.

Fun Fact: You can become guest 666 using editthiscookie. Since it's a myth, guest 666 has alot of good stuff in alot of games