Eveyone knows that 13 is an unlucky number and guest experiences are all over the place but putting both together probably not a good idea

First Sighting:Guest 13 was first sighted on November 22th 2010 he was seen on the game Welcome to Roblox Building Guest 13 acted pretty weird the stuff he build were the stuff that hackers built in the game like unbreakable blocks a vehicle that can break everything and it can also kill players and much more and he said weird stuff like the other creepy guests say like DI3 it was pretty weird everyone left and Guest 13 left too

Second Sighting:Guest 13 was sighted again on July 8th 2013 he was seen on The Underground War he was on the blue team and this time he use hacks to make the baseplate color red and corrupt the game the player's in that server couldn't leave at all suddenly they all were kicked but Guest 13 haunts they're computers even when there were turned off

Final Sighting:The final sighting of Guest 13 was on February 15th 2014 on the game Survive the disasters people in the server know he use hacks because his survivals said 1 million which is impossible to get that much survivals he started cloning himself with the clone gear which you can't use in the game and then everything turned red and white Guest 13 started spawning other weird guests like guest 999 and the guest head like the second sighting nobody could leave but I was in that server he still haunts my computer wait a second I heard something behind me let me check.....

UPDATE:I managed to escape from Guest 13 however I could not go back to my house since he's in there besides I have another house so I'll be living there for now

UPDATE 2:I had a dream about Guest 13 he was talking to me but I forgot what he said when I woke up I'll update when I remember what he said

UPDATE 3:I finally remembered what he said it was:You may be safe but a darkness is coming:I don't know what he means but I know whatever this "Darkness" is It's looking for more victims

UPDATE 4:I still don't know what Guest 13 means when he said a darkness is coming I think he means someone from my previous creepypastas is coming back.....wait a minute

FINAL UPDATE:I think I'm going insane I keep on hearing whispers around my new house I think there's something in here with me wait there's something trying to break down my front door I locked it and baracade it after a while I know what was breaking down my door because yesterday I had a encounter with the robloxian with no name he is breaking down my door he is coming for me I knew this day would come he's in my house I can't write this anymore I'm going to escape out my window and run to my friends house

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