First, I want to say this is a real story.

I was playing ROBLOX with my friend kingmatei. He made an account 2 years ago, mine was made 1 year ago. He told me about ROBLOX. He told me some scary stories about roblox. I think he was joking, but I'm not sure anyway. He told me about guest 666 and it was fun to hear he talk about that. I was playing dbz. (i don't know what game but i know he was with dbz) I know if you are guest 2 you are second to be guest. I know there are 1 m of guest..

Now lets start the real story.

I was playing dbz and i saw a guest named guest 1. I was so scared because i watch creepypasta with roblox and it was creepy for me. I leave the game and play another game. Guest 1 was there. I was so scared. I going to google and fiind some informations about guest 1. I dont fiind anything about him. I turn off my computer and i go to play football. I come back and I try to turn on my computer. I go to roblox and try to fiind guest 1. But i dont fiind it.

I play another roblox game and guest 1 was there. I say ,, You can talk?. I know guest can't talk but i try it. I wait 5 seconds and responde me ,, Yes. Some players leave the game another says WTF on 5 seconds. All players leave. I was me and he in game. He talk with me. He tell me he is not evil. I was happy to know that. But in one second my computer shut down. I turn on my computer on and i was scared. My deskop was black witk a message with red.

,, THANKS FOR YOUR ACCOUNT this is a real story. It was 2 weeks along. I play roblox again but i dont have my account. My password change. I make a new account with a new name and i try to fiind my new account and ill fiind it but my name change. The name now it is Guest 1.

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