I found some creepy stuff. At school some people had been talking about a myth of a roblox user by the name of Guest1avi. Luckily I have a Roblox account, so I logged on my account (by the way this story is 100% true.) I searched up the name, Guest1avi, and someone actually popped up. It was a guest, or i think so, with a red head. I clicked it's profile.

It had no friends or badges or ANYTHING. I saw that it created a place. The thumbnail was a mangled guest with a bloody background. I was stunned. So I played its game.

When you enter, you enter a hallway, thats bloody, with about 9 guests surrounding the spawn. When you reach the end of the hallway, your greeted with 2 ways. The left way leads to a rainbow room that plain with only 2 torture beds. The right way leads to a red room with the furniture floating.

I looked at its status. It had put on its status, "Run you have 3 seconds." I refreshed the website, and then the [content deleted] words popped up on the status. This is real, as I said in the beginning. I have one last theory... what if this profile was created to defend all guests after all the negativity guests go through. What if its hacked??

(Side note: Do me a favor please. If you have a Roblox account, log in and search up Guest1avi in people. Comment below what you saw. Sorry I couldn't get a picture :/.)

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