Ok guys, I dont care if you dont believe me but this whole page is true. If you guys dont believe me and you face this problem you WILL change your mind.

I had just started making a new roblox world and i was messing around when i saw someone joined. There name was Guest 001. I thought this was probably fake because the first guest must have been around since the start of roblox, and he has just joined my world! He somehow said in the chat 'Hello TrueRobloxian4Life (my old account name), I come with a message. DIE or face the consequences' I was getting really freaked out because I knew guests cant chat, this must have been a player with the name Guest001. I left my world and started playing an obby when he came back with the same message. I was like 'wat the hell' and someone else asked me what is wrong. I told him how Guest001 is somehow stalking me when he said 'what r u talking about there is no Guest001 here'

Ok right now I was getting so freaked out. I thought of leaving but when I tried he just said 'Dont try it.' Now is the scariest part. He was like 'You Must Leave Now' when my computer went off. I put it back on but when i went on roblox I was logged out. When I put in my username and password a message appeared.

'I told you to Leave!!!'

I then decided that was it, I made a new account and I never saw Guest001 again. But there is one more thing. I decided to see if Guest001 was an account but when i searched it only one thing came up. TrueRobloxian4Life and it had my same look and stuff but the only thing different was my description, which had changed into 'I have returned'

If you ever see the mysterious Guest001 then know that you have been chosen as his next target, and know that there is no escape!

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