Guests have been on ROBLOX for a long time. This story still scares me.

A while ago, I was playing ROBLOX. I had the name lolrandomALTERNATE. I was playing some Authority when everyone in the server but me left at the exact same time. A second later, guests filled the server. They all had the same name. I got scared when they started talking. One of them said they were going to find me. I tried to leave, but each time I tried the window kept reopening.

Then, the game crashed. My character had changed to a guest. I also had a PM, from Guest. It said it wasn't done with me yet. Soon after, my computer crashed. All the phones in my house began glitching, with static on the screens.

Then, they stopped. My computer suddenly turned on and I received a Skype call from "guest". I accepted it, and moments later, my ROBLOX account was deleted.

The Moderators Note said: "Do not try us".

I appealed, and ROBLOX got back to me. They explained it has happened to hundreds of players, and that they were trying to control this. They unbanned my account and told me to never play Authority ever again. To this day, I have nightmares about what happened. I haven't played ROBLOX since.

But when I ever decide to read my PMs, I see that Guest sends me messages every day. Never again will I join a game. I left roblox.....

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