they say eats your soul consumes the knot between your roblox account and your life

they say for what it lacks in empathy it makes up for with a powerful lust from more power

whatever it is it's out there and it exists on roblox

and when you're stuck blindly staring face-to-face with this thing ingame

you die


in real life

grimblox it's an unidentified object

it's not really alive

it's more of a carrier to carrier for souls

a big black frozen box

with legs dangling from insides

may not see very menacing but it's more about how it came to be like that

it was ones just a black box a black box hanging upside from the celling of a game

nothing much to it until its appearance started to change

it started sprouting parts parts that in turn started

to resemble legs long dangling legs its an ugly thing

and it screams

the grimblox is key to disappearange and the grimblox hates witnesses

the grimblox commonly makes itself present amongst large groups and it never show itself to just one player but then again it'll only ever show itself to one player

if you see someone mysteriously disconnect in a game you better hope grimblox didn't play a part because if it did not only will it sprout another limb but you'll also end up being the limb it sprouts