Jan 20, 2017

It's the time of 2017! And ROBLOX has changed their logo. An O logo thing..

I went on to play ROBLOX and go to Survive the Disasters 2. It was fun.

From disasters like meteors, tornados, and even boss fights!

Until. One of the disasters was shown,

The disaster was "ee24e13", People in the chat were freaked out by this.

The disaster has no timer, and It isn't anything.

But, I saw something in the distance, A black robloxian, I was guessing thats just a glitch in ROBLOX.

I ignored it while people are still panicking about this in the chat.

Then I figured out. It wasnt a glitch because they also saw it.

Alex12Cool : omg theres a black person there
Dan992006 : yeah ive never seen it before, what is it?
Me: this is very bizarre.. was this intentional?
The black robloxian was gone! And then I heard someone die.
Edwin18 : EE24E13U58Y67I98O10
Me : wait what?!
Edwin18 has left
Me : O_O
Me: no idea.
And I heard someone die again.
Dan992006 : EEE482NRVVB5857T58510123015N151657890
Alex12Cool: Not dan!
Dan992006 has left
The figure, Was back. Staring at both of us.

I watch as it teleported to Alex and killed him, And him saying gibberish then leaving.

I was the only one standing, I saw the black figure stare at me. It had no face, Nor a real appearance.

I ran away, It was my only luck of surviving, Everything started to become red as I run away from this monster.

Only I was the only one left in the server, The figure disappeared, And my character couldnt move.

I couldn't close my laptop or stop ROBLOX.

Then I saw my ROBLOXian die. And I respawned?

In a hell, Literally, A madness hell. Dead bodies everywhere, I swore I also saw my own corpse.

Theres alot of black robloxians (all looking like that monster) around. But Dan, Edwin and Alex was here.

Me : so when we get killed by that monster, we get sent here?!
Alex12Cool : i cant exit of the game!
Alex12Cool: i've even tried to shut down my computer or pull out the power cord!
Me : guess we have to stay in here for a while.
We waited to what seem like a eternity until. A user named ee24e13 joined.

When he joined, It crashed our ROBLOX. Finally. I decided to check Alex and Dan's profile.

To my surprise, I couldn't find them. They were gone, ripped out from the site.

Why is the figure doing this? And what does this have to do with the game?

These question will remain unanswered for now..