Hope that I can see you guys again.

It was afternoon, and since school days are almost back, I started packing my things up for school since my mom told me that I can't play games for the whole month. I agreed, even though I'm an avid gamer and I can still survive four weeks without using a computer and only learning  different subjects because I understand that I am failing my classes and all of the biz ("biz" is the term that i use for business, by the way).

After packing all my things I need for school and I played ROBLOX since all that packing made me tired, and I received a message coming from my good best friend. He said that there will be this big game night with all of my friends... literally there is going to be about thirty friends who are joining, but they were on a different server though but I said to myself "Why not?" and I happily accepted the invite. The party I joined was very large to be exact, since most of my friends are Youtubers, so we first play a game called "The Mad Murderer".

We were all having a good time in the server until we saw a glitch... one of the players were stuck on the wall and did not move for quite a while, but we ignored it and continued playing...

But after like 5 rounds we keep seeing that......a player stuck on a wall but every 5 rounds we play it kinda start to get a little......what do you call this.....distorted, But after 30 rounds it stopped and my friends have been relief while some say that the hacker was gone since some of them think it's some hacker's trick again.

Anyways we got bored so we go to another game "Giant Survival" and good thing too, I'm pretty good at that game and known for first discovering the fly glitch and mostly some glitches in the game that can help me out, So we started to play and we were having fun but after a couple of rounds some of my friend said that 7 of them was offline now but they were confused since they agree they will end at 9 PM since we start playing 3 PM and they already planned everything like if one player needs to go they plan a new schedule again.

3 of them are  Youtubers and 4 of them are normal players that left.

To be continued...

wel nah

this is just a fake story

it's not even scary

original owner ran out of idea

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