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I'm NubguyX515, a ROBLOXian and a guest lover. I'm a very good sword fighter and I had even gotten the bloxxer badge. But forget about that, let's get right to the story.

G6U6E6S6T Part 1 - The Stupidity of 2013

I was a guest in 2013. I didn't know much and I was stupid back then. I'd always get beaten by a newbie guest. I couldn't pass the fourth stage of an obby.

Around late 2013, I finally made a ROBLOX account. My first game was Sword Fighting Tournament. Though I was still bad at sword fighting.

G6U6E6S6T Part 2 - Early 2014

I've finally enhanced my skills in sword fighting. I'm not that bad at obbies anymore, but I am still getting beaten by the newbies and guests.

Later that day, I decided to find new games. Instead of looking on the front page, I decided to search for a game.

One of the games I found was called "FREE ROBUX AND TIX!". The creator of the game was named "GuestFreedom". I felt like this scam was real. So I stupidly joined the game.

The game itself had the same fake maintenance GUI. I stupidly entered my username and password. The chat and leaderboard was revealed and there were two players: GuestFreedom and a guest. The guest, however, didn't have a number. It was strange. It was just named "Guest ".

For some reason, there was a flash of red static somehow. It made me jump. Then, GuestFreedom said something.

"Hehe. I think I scared that kid."

"I'm looking at him through his window."

Wait, what? How did he know I jumped? I was scared, so I left the game quickly. Right when I left, GuestFreedom opened up a party with me. Somehow, he didn't have to invite me. I checked my friend list. It had GuestFreedom in it! I closed the blinds unhappily.

GuestFreedom said something in chat:

"Time to take your account."

After that, I lost my account. I was hacked by a scammer.

G6U6E6S6T Part 3 - The Email/The Place

After I was hacked, I decided to email They responded 3 days later. They gave me the link for password resetting. I decided to sign in, and my character was dressed as a guest. So I changed it to something different.

I decided to finally create a game. I learned how to edit materials for blocks and use freemodels. It only took me less than an hour to figure it out.

I published my first ROBLOX game. Link:

WARNING: G6U6E6S6T will haunt you! (or not)

I decided to play my ROBLOX game. I was REALLY excited.

The game finally loaded after a couple seconds. But something was different. There was a TextLabel saying "Thank you." on the top. I ignored it, thinking it was a bug. 10 seconds later, a player named "G6U6E6S6T" joined the game. I was scared for a second. Wasn't that GuestFreedom or the blank guest?

G6U6E6S6T footage00:24

G6U6E6S6T footage

Approximately 4 seconds later, the user ragdolled everyone. Then, the game froze and shut down.

I tried to edit the game again but it didn't let me. The page just freezes when I try editing it. I tried emailing ROBLOX to delete the game, but they never replied.

G6U6E6S6T Part 4 - 2015 and the Game Files

I figured out how to see ROBLOX's game files and modify them. I made a ROBLOX texture pack that looked pretty realistic. Months later, I found a new picture file. It was called "G6U6E6S6T.jpg" I clicked it and the screen flashed to static for a moment. I revealed the picture.

It was a picture of G6U6E6S6T. Surprisingly, I never found this in the game files before. But I did notice something.


I went back to ROBLOX and found out that G6U6E6S6T was replaced with GuestFreedom. I couldn't remove them from my friend list, so I just kept them there.

Without touching anything, I was placed ingame. It was the same game I played. I couldn't move my mouse. The player was moving by itself. I tried Alt + F4 with success. But however, I was placed back ingame. I gave up.

My character ran down the hallway. Somehow, the ROBLOX window renamed itself to "G6U6E6S6T is near." A guest appeared in front of me. It was stabbed and it's face was replaced with blood. There was a loud scream (which scared me so hard), and ROBLOX closed by itself, changing my background to G6U6E6S6T. I changed it back to my original background with success. I decided to quit ROBLOX temporary.

G6U6E6S6T Part 5 - Follower

After a month, I decided to get back on ROBLOX. G6U6E6S6T was in a party chat with me. He said this:

Front Page

"I knew you would come back."

I ignored it. I decided to play a front page game. However, those games are still boring. The only game that was good in my opinion was Work at a Pizza Place. But I didn't want to play that.

I finally found a game to play. It was called "Twisted Murderer". It looked interesting, so I instantly clicked play. I also didn't notice that the page looked different.

The game played normally. I got to be the murder most of the time. However, something went wrong.

A guest joined the game. It was the same one on the scam game by GuestFreedom. Everyone was freaking out.




"Is this guy hacking?"

But then, the guest's name flashed to G6U6E6S6T. Then flashed back.

It later flashed to G6U6E6S6T again after a couple rounds. Everyone from the game was kicked, leaving me and G6U6E6S6T. G6U6E6S6T's face was replaced with blood and he jumped on me. His body colors didn't exist as well. Somehow, I felt a tap on my head in real life.

"☀✌☟✌☟✌☟✌☟✌📬 ✡⚐🕆🕯☼☜ ☟🕆☼❄📪 ✌☼☜☠🕯❄ ✡⚐🕆✍"


Wait what? You can't actually type those stuff on ROBLOX. That was the strange thing.

But then, G6U6E6S6T appeared in front of my screen. He had the same bloody face. I was scared. Then, a ROBLOXian corpse fell down behind him. It looked like me. Strange stuff happened. It ripped into pieces and a scream occurred. The scream sounded like my voice. How did they do all of this? I was sent back to the hallway game. However, my character looked like a guest and I was in a cage. I found my ROBLOXian's body parts in front of my cage. I was stuck there, forever. I couldn't escape.

G6U6E6S6T Part 6 - New Guests of 2016


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