By: CreepySpaghettiMan. =]

November 1st, 2014 4:24 P.M

1cooldude34: Ugh, another friend request, might as well accept it.

1cooldude34: A message? From the same guy I just accepted the friend request? Odd....

[FunnyXFunXFunny's message] COME TO MY PLACE FOR FREE ROBUX!!!! 100% Legit!

1cooldude34: Pathetic.

[1cooldude34's response.] I'm tired of all this free ROBUX bull crap. You have to be so desperate to get people into your game just so you can get Tix. Please leave ROBLOX, we don't need people like you scamming other people just for a couple of ticekts. Goodbye.

[1cooldude34 has unfriended FunnyXFunXFunny]

[1cooldude34 has logged off, after two hours, he logs back in only to find several messages from FunnyXFunXFunny]

[FunnyXFunXFunny's message] ur just a big peice of crap! i hope u die in a hole u scrub!

[FunnyXFunXFunny's message] ur just a big peice of crap! i hope u die in a hole u scrub!

[FunnyXFunXFunny's message] ur just a big peice of crap! i hope u die in a hole u scrub!

[FunnyXFunXFunny's message] ur just a big peice of crap! i hope u die in a hole u scrub!

[FunnyXFunXFunny's message] DIE DIE DIE DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!

1cooldude34: .........Are you serious?

[1cooldude34's response] Congratulations idiot, you're getting blocked.

[1cooldude34 logs off]

Novmberr 2nd, 2014 4:00 P.M

[1cooldude logs in to find a friend request from a new user named: OhSoUThinkUCanBanMe. With a message saying: im back u scrub u suck so much for blocking me i hate u!!!!!! scrub]

1cooldude34: .......................................

[1cooldude34 has blocked this new user]

[Friend request from: StopBanningMeScrub]


[Friend request from: STOPSTOPSTOPSTOP]


[Friend request from: StopWithUrBans, MeHAXWillStopU, PlsNoMoreBans, PlsStopBanningMe, PLSPLSPLSPLSPLS, PLSNOMOREBLOCKX]

[1cooldude34's message to PLSNOMOREBLOCKX]

1cooldude34's message: Ok what the hell is your deal? I'm tired of getting fiend requests from you. I'll go to your dumb place if it means that you will stop bothering me. If I have to, I'll make another account so you won't be able to spam me with friend requests. You either stop what you're doing, or you continue, and I'll make another account.

PLSNOMOREBLOCKX's response: go to hell u scrub lord and just play my feking place im just trying to help u get some robux plz dont ban me on the feking part plz just go to my place and u will earn a lot of robux

1cooldude34's response: FINALLY! If it means you'll stop bothering me, I'll go. Enjoy your free ticket dumbass.

[1cooldude34 joins the game. PLSNOMOREBLOCKX is currently on the game as well.]

[This game has shut down.]

PLSNIMOREBLOCKZ new messgae: u wull pay u will pay u will pay u will pay

1cooldude34's response: I hate you as well, buddy. =]

PLSNOMOREBLOCKX response: u dont knoww what i put it dat game its something that will affect u not me

[1cooldude34 has blocked PLSNOMOREBLOCKX]

1cooldude34: Glad that's over. He was probably lying about inserting something in that game.

[1cooldude34 has logged off]

November 3rd 2014 4:00 P.M

[1cooldude34 logs on with the usual "Free robux" scams. One particular message interested him.]

EpicbossOver9000BOSS's message: Hey dude! I just made a cool audio and I hope you buy it and enjoy it! Sorry for the advertising. :/ It's just really hard to get your creations out there. I already spent my 100 robux on the audio. I can't make an ad for now. SORRY FOR THE ADVERTISING AGAIN!

1cooldude34's response: I usually hate people like you. I'll accept your request. I rarely do this, so you're a lucky man.

[1cooldude34 buys the auido from the robloxian.]

[1cooldude34 is listing to the audio]

[What you can make up of the audio.]








1cooldude34: What....the hell?


EpicbossOver9000BOSS's response: .....Uh, it's my Drop it remix. Haven't you heard of the song Drop it? I made a remix.......You didn't have to be that harsh on me if you didn't like it....gosh......

1cooldude34's response: That was not a Drop it remix. That was freakin disturbing, Maybe you sent the wrong link. All I got was a very disturbing audio.....

EpicbossOver9000BOSS's response: Maybe I did. Perhaps check the link again? Here's the link to my Drop it remix. I actually made sure it's teh remix. :P

[1cooldude34's listens to the audio.]

1cooldude34's message to EpicBossOver9000BOSS: Cool remix. Although, I don't understand how in the world I ended up getiing a different audio.

EpicbossOver9000BOSS's response: Do you mind sending the link to the audio? I would like to listen to it.

1cooldude34's response: I will. Altoughh, I am warning you, it is freaky as hell.

November 3 2014 4:30 P.M

EpicbossOver9000's message: Uh, what the hell? After hearing that audio I just went outside and try to get my mind off of it but, I just can't stop thinking of it.....

1cooldude34's response: Ya, it was creepy alright, since you already know what I just experienced, do you mind helping me crack this case?

EpicbossOver9000's response: Alright, we start tomorrow, I feel like I just want to sleep with some one due to me being really scared of it is....

WORK IN PROGRESS! I am currently still thinking aobut what to do with this story, I will be adding more content the following days! This is my first creepypastaa ever! I am deeply sorry if this REALLY disappoints. Also, the first part of the story is not meant to be creepy, I'm just building the story up. =]

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