today i got on google and searched for freerobux and i got on the website it told me to download their exe and i did after i downloaded it i waited and then played some mad games on roblox but i got disconnected i played something else and i got teleported to a place called "DO YOU FEEL YOUR DEATH APPROACHING?" there was blood splatters everywhere i was freaked out and someone called "FREEROBUX_DIE" joined his character was all black and he was running super fast killing me over and over then i got disconnected and i left the browser my desktop was robux with blood splatters on it my computer restarted all my desktop icons were red and said "DON'T LOOK BACK" i looked back there was a black man with a smile and red eyes and it vanished in black smoke after that i was banned from roblox for a day i turned off my computer and gone to sleep when i woke up i heard a medium pitched voice saying "why dont you play then just lay there?" i wanted to play but was really scared but i being the stupid person i was i just continued playing. after a day passed i gone on roblox and the roblox homepage was in red blood splatters the roblox logo was black and there was one game saying "DO NOT JOIN" i was stupid and joined and i got killed and my screen was black with a red face smiling and i got disconnected and everything got corrupted on roblox after that i left roblox and waited for 3 days. after that i gone to my computer and restarted it everything was all black for 10 days after 10 days i looked and my computer was normal but roblox was removed i installed it again but it got even more corrupted i restarted roblox then it became the old 2008 homepage i restarted it again it was the normal homepage but the game section was empty i restarted roblox and it became normal for once but that day i quit roblox because i don't want that to EVER happen again.

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