One day, I was playing ROBLOX eagerly browsing through over hundreds of games to play at my own free will. It’s not so rare to discover some sex game made by some horny teenager. I have seen some of those lately to the point it gets repetitive and annoying. I decided to just edit my place with studio. As I was building, something caught my attention. My character model looked pretty strange. He had bags under his eyes as if he had no sleep. I observed my avatar closely if there’s any other abnormalities. I noticed nothing else. I saved my changes. I left studio. I clicked games. There were generic free modeled garbage such as ‘The Different Town of Robloxia!’ by the one and only ‘JuliusColesV2.’

I was curious to see what work of ‘art’ he added this time. The thumbnail had a cartoon-style sign that said ‘welcome’ which I assumed was a block with a decal. I decided not to click play like some idiot. I went back and played a new role-playing game out of curiosity. Upon clicking play, it said ROBLOX had to quit because of an error. I clicked ‘OK’ so the notification closed. I cleared out the history and went back on the next day. I was eager to play something. I clicked games and saw nothing but warning messages that said ‘You’re next’ or ‘You’re warned.’ Since I was uneasy. I chose to force quit the web browser. I decided to temporarily quit ROBLOX because of the creepy messages. I haven’t received any strange or sketchy emails. I have decided to do other things other than ROBLOX. The messages left me scared and fearful of what would happen if I’d continue and ignore the messages. Since I have left roblox, I feel a sense of relief.