Note: This is my 2 CreepyPasta Here so dont hate.

The Beginning

I was Around Roblox Looking For Fun Roblox Scary Games, I Did not found a Good Scary Game so I had to go to Bored Scary Games, I saw One Game And then I Saw the Comments, Someone Said 3 times "Dont Join My Game" So as a Idiot i Joined The game.

Joining The Game

I Joined The Game and I Saw Black Walls, I Walked More To See whats was there So i saw a Guest. There Was no One in the Server So i wondered If it Was Just A Model, But it Was not.

The Guest

The Guest had Clothes Like the Normal Guest He had a Creepy Face WIth the normal Smile But very Black. She/He Was not a Model It was a Player thats what I Though He could Move.

The Words

The Guest Said Me in The Chat "Hello" And I say "Who are you?" The Guest Said "Why did You Joined Here?" I Did not Said Anything After He said that, I Looked at The Forums Saying That many People Has Got stuck there, A guy Said On the Forum "Theres a Guest there, If you Join you Get stuck" I Party Him He said "Who are you?" I said "Hello I need More Information About the guest" He told me "The Guest was A forgotten".


I Said To The Guest, "Why are You Forgotten?" He Told me "I was a Very Loved Guest My User as Guest Was "Guest 0" Everyone Loved me,Everyone wanted To be With me Until One Day They Saw Another Guest Called Guest 1, Everyone Loved Him Now I Was Sad And I Quited, And Now Im Forgotten" I Left The Game, I told alot of people saying "OMG I SAW THE FORGOTTEN GUEST" They though I was Crazy. So i did not played Roblox in 2 weeks due to study.

The Return

I got back to Roblox, Not remembering the Guest. I wanted to look for some games there was a Game Called "Survival" With 0 players, I always liked the games with no players, I Joined then I was back on the place Where i found the Guest, I was so scared. The Guest told me "Leave", I left the game and i saw the Dark Frontpage and my Character changed to red and black.

The End

In some Few Days, Everything Was gone, The Dark Frontpage, My Character Red and black, And The Guest, I went back to Normal I told People This And They Did not Believed me They though i was crazy. Since everything of that was gone i was calmed down.

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