Hello I am called Louis I want to share a horrible expirience about the hacker fastsharkking he was a shark he called him self a acount eater I will get to the story.I was playing jaws one day I was on my own but some one joined me named fastsharkking I said hi he said nothing he would not answer.I continued playing the game till he said your fake I am real in rad words.I was not that scared because most hackers are fake.He said I the eater of life's I ate more than you can counts I am hungry for more.I was not scared till I was kicked out of the game the red bar said i am real you are fake.My acounts first was turning red slowly till I was kicked out of the game.I got back in to roblox and i was logged out.I looked my acount up but I was gone my acount was gone.I was scared of this and I think he was a hacker and I believe in him.If you see him leave your game he is not nice.