Part One

I recently made a account named "airflow48" After I made my account I click the "games" button to play games. One of my favorite games were called Natural Disaster Survival, so as I went to the page. I clicked the play button on the right corner. After I played Natural Disaster Survival too much I turned off my desktop and went to sleep.

The Next Day I was wandering around on the website with games that I think I want to play. I then wanted to play Natural Disaster Survival. But instead it wasn't there, and I wonder why? Since it wasn't there I searched for it. The only game what I wanted to search for wasn't what I want to play.

Instead there was only one result. The name of the game was kind of freaky and very odd. It was called "Foreboding Disaster Survival" Instead of "Natural Disaster Survival" I looked very confused, but I played anyway. When I played It started out with me in the lobby, the sky looked different by the way instead of the blue normal sky it was cloudy and dark. Until a player joined in the server. He was named "Brycebry1" and then another one joined the server. and another. it keeps going until there was only 14 players joined the server.

The game started. it showed what we were gonna play. It was "Sunny Ranch" what was odd is the farm. It is black, but I thought maybe it was updated.

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