It was just another day gone by, I was booting up my laptop and opened up the internet. It's been a few days after finding out about that cool website called ROBLOX, you could play people's games or make your own. I was scrolling down and noticed an oddly named game called "Forbidden", the most weirdest thing about it is that it had over 10 000 players on it. Funny. I thought to my self, probably a hacker or something. I had opened up the game and checked comments, a lot of creepy people with their character all black were cursing and myfaceissus motherfuckers

My computer started to lag tremendously the moment the game had started, my speakers were going slightly static and I could just barely hear the slowed-down background music. When I joined I had spawned in a poorly made grey room with a door at one side. There were only 4 other people playing in the same server as me, I said hello to them but none of them replied though. About after 2 boring minutes of walking around the endless rooms, opening one door only to find the exact same room, one of the players had left the game and instantly my speakers started creating static ear-deafening noises and my laptop started to lag a lot again. It happened for about 10 seconds then on the screen a picture of a robloxian appeared, he had blood all over him, and his name was the name of the player who had just left 11 seconds ago. It was a while before almost all robloxians had "left" and the image appeared for each of them in turn, there was only one robloxian left, he started talking and repeating the same sentance over and over; "Ti prego, aiutami per favore salvami Non voglio morire". I had said to him "Uh, can you speak english...?" then after a few seconds he said "LEAVE BEFORE YOU DIE", then I really freaked out, the speakers went static once again and an image of the robloxian appeared on the screen, when everything went back to normal, the player had already gone from the game. I just stood there, confused, then the screen went black and my computer switched off, and wouldn't even turn back on again. I tried everything to turn my computer back on, then it suddenly booted up, the speakers were static once again and my desktop showed up, everything was gone though - even the recycle bin for deleting stuff. I was freaked out, the creator must have hacked my laptop or something, but the most horrifying thing which occured to me was that on my laptop screen was an image of a black robloxian holding a bloody knife, I tried clicking on it with my mouse but my laptop just conked out the moment I did that. Smoke started streaming from the sides of my laptop, but the image of the creepy looking robloxian was still on the screen, the screen seemed to show that the figure was in my room. My heart missed a beat when I realized what this all was -- I was looking into the reflection of the screen, the figure was lurking right behind me in my room.


This is actually my first pasta ever made, pretty good eh? :D

By the way my username on roblox is n9dean.

My wikia name is ElementalEagle...cos I like eagles...and...rpg games? xD

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